From Seattle to Japan, we've designed exquisite and memorably elegant wedding gowns for all shapes and sizes. We take our inspiration from history, art, bohemian ideals, true love, cats, cute things and extremely pretty and ethereal materials. Every thing we create we want to drip with unappogetic romance.


We have extensive experience in designing inspired handmade dresses. These dresses since they are made by hand can take up to two months to create. If you are interested in a handmade gown just for you, we can gladly take a peek at your wedding Pinterest boards and let you know any ideas we can come up with together. 


If you need a gown that makes you feel like a fairy in a Shakespearian novel, or in fact *any novel or movie* we will dream together with you your true wish come true. We believe in magic and love. True love, dramatic love, historical or fantastical love. 

Established in Seattle, Milky Pear is the for the Nouveau Bohemian Bride. 


According to the bohemian Manifesto by Lauren Stover the Nouveau Bohemian is:

The Nouveau Bohemian brings elements of traditional Bohemian ideology into harmony with contemporary culture without losing sight of the basic tenets—the glamour, the art, the nonconformity. 

While the dream, drama, and mystery of the Nouveau Bohemian is very much quite alive and well in The Milky Pear Studio. We do indeed try to cater to all bohemian budgets.